About us

Our Story begins 15 years ago when our main team members embarked ‎upon a journey as international businessmen in the field of ‎commodity trading in the Middle East and East Asia.‎

We were able to gradually expand our prosperous business to other parts ‎of the globe with the help of the knowledge and expertise of elder and more experienced members who joined our enterprise over time.

With the help and supervision of skilled people cooperating with us, both domestically and abroad, we are now ‎active in the fields of Refined Oil‎, Petrochemical and Chemical products trade as required by our ‎customers’ needs. Merchandise is ‎supplied from reliable and well-known ‎refineries and plants in the Middle East. ‎

We do hope that our business partnership will be of value and service to both parties involved and will be financially successful and mutually flourish in near future.

Mohammad Satarzade

Head Of International Commerce and Business Development