Alkyl Benzene Linear Sulfonic Acid,

 or sulfonic acid is an active substance on the anionic surface that has a relatively good cleaning and foaming power and is therefore used in the formulation of various cleaners and the production of various detergents and hygiene products. It is compatible with anionic, non-anionic, and amphoteric surfactants in various formulations.

This substance is one of the raw materials for detergents and cleaners. Detergents and surfactants are substances that contain many polar and non-polar substances. As mentioned before, the cleaning and foaming power of sulfonic acid has made it one of the most important compounds in the production of various detergents and hygiene products. A variety of detergent products with stain and degreasing properties are produced using this material.

 The use of sulfonic acid in advanced societies has expanded since the early twentieth century, and over time, the use of soaps has declined. For example, 2 million kilograms of alkyl benzene sulfate were produced annually for various purposes.

This substance is used as a foaming agent in the formulation of many detergent products, household detergents, washing powders, cake detergents, liquid soap, solid soap, and….

The widespread use of this substance in various industries, especially detergents, has led to the annual production of about 2 billion kg of alkyl benzene sulfate for various industrial purposes.


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