It is technically an oil-related product with a kinematic viscosity level at hundred degrees Celsius spanning from 32 to 50 cSt. These types of products contain less than 3% polynuclear aromatic materials. Rubber process oil is proper for production of rubber materials, specifically aromatic rubbers.

Rubber Process Oils are widely used across various industries and environment-friendly product. Different grades of superior quality Rubber Process Oils are offered which are used for the manufacturing of various rubber produces, from both natural as well as synthetic rubber. Rubber Process Oils are used during mixing of rubber compounds.

These help in improving the dispersion of fillers and flow characteristics of the compound during further processing.

Rubber process oils can be broadly classified into three basic groups depending on the physical arrangement of the carbon atoms namely:

Aromatics Base

Aromatic Rubber Process Oils are generally dark in color & good compatible with most Rubber Polymers. It is extensively using in the manufacturing of Automobile Tires, Tread Rubber, Conveyor Belts, Automotive Components & Floor Mats, etc., where color of the end product is not important.

Paraffinic Base

Paraffinic Rubber Process Oils are generally light in color & having a wide viscosity range, higher Aniline & Flash Point. Paraffinic Oils are extensively using in the manufacturing of butyl tubes, EPDM based rubber products such as profiles, hose pipe & automotive components.

Naphthenic Base

Naphthenic Rubber Process Oils has good color stability, solubility & thermal stability. It is extensively using in the manufacturing of footwear, LPG tubes, hot water bags, moulded & extruded products.

Rubber Process Oil Different Types have Two General Grades:

  • Heavy
  • Light

The RPO grading is based on its viscosity. Rubber Process Oils with the viscosity of 20 to 30 are considered as light (low viscosity) grade. Rubber Process Oils with a viscosity of 30 to 50 are titled as heavy (high viscosity) grade.

Light RPO grade is suitable for cold seasons and regions. On the contrary, heavy RPO grade is appropriate for the hot season and climate. As a positive point of RPO, Rubber Process Oil is safe and environment-friendly.

Packing Net Weight Packing Net Weight Gross Weight QTY in 20ft Net Weight in 20ft Net Weight in 20ft
Tolerance: +/-5%
Drum 210 KG 17-18 KG 228 KG 80 PCS 16.80 18.24 MT
Flexi Tank 20 MT 100 KG 22.1 MT 1 PCS 20 MT 20.1 MT