Soda  Ash

Soda  Ash  is one of the most important industrial chemicals that is widely used in the production of other alkaline products, sodium salts and.. Sodium carbonate is a chemical, solid, crystalline, powdery, odorless and desiccant. Sodium carbonate is known as the inorganic compound sodium, sodium salt, inorganic carbon compound, inorganic carbonic acid salt, and inorganic carbonate.

Soda is the common name for anhydrous sodium carbonate for industrial use. Its soda, or sodium carbonate, is the sodium salt of carbonic acid. This substance is normally white solid. Sodium carbonate is produced on an industrial scale through a solo process using ammonia, limestone and salt. One of the most important applications of sodium carbonate is its use in the glass industry.

Light Soda Ash

  • 25 kg bags (inside jumbo bag)
  • 50 kg bags (inside jumbo bag)
  • 1 ton jumbo bags

Heavy Soda Ash

  • 50 kg bags
  • Jumbo bags 1 to 1.25 tons