Rubber Process Oil


Rubber process oil is a substance made of oil or other types of fossil fuels. Rubber Process Oil different types have two general grades: Heavy and Light. The RPO grading is based on its viscosity. Rubber Process Oils with a viscosity of 20 to 30 are considered a light (low viscosity) grade.

Rubber Process Oils with a viscosity of 30 to 50 are titled as heavy (high viscosity) grade.


Light RPO grade is suitable for cold seasons and regions. On the contrary, a heavy RPO grade is appropriate for the hot season and climate. As a positive point of RPO, Rubber Process Oil is safe and environmentally friendly.

About 2/3 of this product is applied in tire industries, and the rest is devoted to non-tire industries.

Rubber process oils (RPO) can also be generally classified into three basic groups depending on the physical arrangement of the carbon atoms namely aromatics, paraffinic, and naphthenic.


We deliver FOB/CFR/CPT (Incoterms 2020) by drums, etc.