Dodecyl Benzene (DDB)

Dodecyl Benzene is used for making DDB Sulfonic Acid which is used as a raw material for making detergent powder. Dodecyl Benzene is an organic compound, and it is a very significant substance in producing numerous chemical products. One of the most important and economical methods for Dodecyl Benzene production is through applying petrol and Dodecyl in low temperature and high pressure.

Dodecyl Benzene is an organic compound, which is colorless, C12H25C6H5 is its formula and  has 246 (gr/Mol) molar mass. This substance is the main substance in  producing important materials such as detergents and its production is of high importance in industry. Structural  arrangement of Dodecyl Benzene is like a loop of Dodecyl (C12H25) which is connected to a  Phytyle  group  (C12H25).



  • DDB Sulfonic Acid Production


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