HAB (Heavy Alkyl Benzene)

Heavy Alkylates also named as Heavy Alkyl Benzene (HAB)  is a byproduct in the process of     Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) production. It is a mixture of Di-phenyl Alkanes and De-Alkyl Benzene.

Heavy Alkyl Benzene is synthetic lubricant base oil with superior oxidation stability, thermal stability, low-temperature fluidity and applies to refrigerating machine oil, electrical insulation oil and heat transfer oil thermic fluids, its other applications are as bellow :


  • Sulfonation Feedstocks (Sulfonic Acids)
  • Lube Additives
  • Greases
  • Metal Forming Lubricants / Metal Working Fluids
  • Lubricant Component
  • Dielectric Oils
  • Fat Liquoring Oils for The Leather Industry
  • Plasticizers And Extenders
  • Hydraulic Fluids

We deliver FOB/CFR/CPT (Incoterms 2020) by flexitanks, road tankers, Isotanks or even drums/IBC for specific routes, etc.