Pentane Plus

Pentane Plus is a natural gas liquid. It is a mixture of unsaturated hydrocarbons. The product can be achieved by cracking petroleum fractions at high temperatures. The product then undergoes distillation process to separate it from Pyrolysis Gasoline. The compound is highly volatile and Aliphatic in nature and does not get fused in water. Pentane-Plus is used in various chemical industries. Pentane is a key raw material followed by Heptane, Benzene, Hexane and Octane.

Pentane plus is added to natural heavy crude to make it easy to transport through pipes.  Apart from natural heavy crude, Pentane Plus is also an additive for other oil mixes for smooth and easy pipeline transportation.



  • Transportation Fuel (Huge Demand)
  • Industrial Processes and Textile.


We deliver FOB/CFR/CPT (Incoterms 2020) by vessels, road tankers, Isotanks, etc.