Reformate also known as platformate refers to a Gasoline blending stock that is made by using catalytic reforming. This is a refining process in which mixed-catalysts, as well as the Hydrogen, promote the rearrangement of lower Octane Naphthene into higher octane compounds without a significant reduction in carbon number. The catalysts and operating conditions that are utilized during catalytic reforming impart specific kinetic requirements that lead to the creation of Reformates with slightly different compositions. Reformate catalytic conversion takes place at temperatures between 850°-1000°F that converts and reforms Low-Octane Naphtha into high-Octane products for gasoline and aviation fuel blending and aromatic concentrates.



  • As A Source Of Aromatics For The Petrochemicals Industry
  • As A High-Octane Blend Stock For Making Gasoline


We deliver FOB/CFR/CPT (Incoterms 2020) vessels, road tankers, Isotanks, etc.