Urea fertilizers are widely used in the agriculture. They are considered an economic Nitrogen source. The chemical formula of Urea is CO(NH2)2. Commercial Urea fertilizers are produced by reacting Ammonia with Carbon Dioxide.

In its solid form, Urea is provided as either prills or granules. Granules are slightly larger than prills and are denser. Both prilled and granular Urea fertilizers contain 46% Nitrogen.

Nitrogen leaching and volatilization rates are usually higher when using the prilled form. Therefore, granular Urea fertilizers are 15-20% more efficient than prilled.

Urea is also used as an animal feed additive and as an important raw material for the chemical industry.



  • Animal Feed Additive
  • NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate, And Potash) Plant Food Mix
  • Fertilizer
  • Manufacture Of Synthetic Resins
  • Manufacture Of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Rehydrating Lotion
  • Diuretics Production
  • Deicers Production
  • Cold-Compresses Production


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