Increasing Bitumen Rates in Asia, Africa, and Europe

Bitumen had another rising week in most regions. The changes are slight but it heads upward. India increased rates by 3 USD on 1 March. Singapore and Europe experienced some improvements in bitumen markets.

Crude Oil: Oil ended February with the rangebound movement and it didn’t get the chance to break the channel. Although the sentiment is bullish, people are not assured of the economic condition. If reports happen to be positive in March, crude can also see a sudden jump considering the current tightness of supply.

Shipping Freights: The most important driver of bitumen prices has been shipping freights since the Israel-Houthis war. Res Sea disputes are making things harder for shipping lines. Freights are getting Risk War GRI and some ports are facing container shortages because of the congestion that is delaying vessels in several main ports. There are some rumours about opening the Red Sea and if it happens it will lead to higher demand for bitumen.

Demand: Spring is coming and it means a rush of demand for different petroleum markets.

If things go as mentioned above, bitumen prices can drive high soon because of increasing crude oil, freights, and seasonal demand.


Source: bitumenprice

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