Perenco produces natural gas-generated power in Chad

(WO) – PetroChad Mangara (PCM), Perenco’s wholly owned Chad subsidiary, is now producing natural gas-generated power at the Moundou Power Station in Chad. This development comes seven months after PCM entered the country as operators of the Basila and Mangara fields in the country’s Doba basin.

Previously, Chad’s second city generated limited electricity, relying on diesel fuel generators for power. Now, the city of Moundou is benefiting from natural gas-generated electricity. This success is a direct result of production increases from the Badila and Mangara fields towards their combined potential of roughly 16,000 bopd.

PCM worked closely with Perenco’s technical department to deliver the natural gas-generated electricity, as well as in close coordination with Société des Hydrocarbures du Tchad (SHT) and Chad’s Minister of Hydrocarbons.  In addition to its role in helping provide Moundou with power produced by natural gas, PCM has also been involved in the repair of several water wells close to its operations.


Source: Worldoil




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